(+) Questions to Ask Your Elders

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For every genealogist who is completely content with the results of their efforts, I wonder how many more are nagged by questions they wish they had asked family members when they had the chance. We scour the vital records, consult the census reports, and probe the probate for clues about those lost to us. If you’re lucky enough to have old diaries or letters, you try to piece together their lives to discover what they really thought and felt. We spend hour after hour reconstructing our ancestors’ lives. However, if you have the ultimate good fortune to have older relatives still among you, think of the priceless memories they may have to share today!

"If only I had asked her before she died." How many of us have uttered those words? I know that I have, and I suspect that you have, too. The greatest resource in family history is carried within the memories of our older relatives. Not only are names and dates remembered, but so are the many wonderful stories that were never recorded elsewhere. When someone dies, that information is lost forever.

You need to take steps now to record information that is available today but otherwise will be lost in coming years. In short, you need to capture the family stories and trivia that are known only to your older relatives. The time to do that is now! Any delay increases the risk of valuable information being lost forever.

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(+) Questions to Ask Your Elders

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